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posted on 13.08.2019 by Chazette, Larissa
This dataset contains the results of an online questionnaire to assess the end-users' need for explanations in software systems. The questionnaire was shared in December 2018 and was online until January 2019. 171 participants initiate the survey and 107 completed it. We just analyzed the responses of the participants who completed the survey.

This submission contains:

The survey raw data in CSV format, separated by comma values;

The .xlsx file containing the same raw data;

The .pdf file containing the survey questions;

A .rtfd version of the survey questions;

A .html version of the survey questions;

The .xlsx file containing the analyzed data;

The .pdf file containing instructions about the coded data.

The raw data contains only the responses from the 107 participants who completed the survey. Blank cells indicate that the participant did not provide a response to the corresponding question or answer option.

All responses are anonymyzed and identified by an unique ID.


Each row is identified by the participant's ID, the date when the questionnaire was submitted, the last page (18 in total) and the language that the participant chose.

The subsequent columns contain the questions.

We use codes before each question. First, one of the following symbols:

(*) as an indication that the question was mandatory; 

(*+)as an indication that the question was mandatory but was conditionnally shown, depending on previous answers;

(+) as an indication that the question was conditionally shown, depending on previous answers;

Next, the code of the question as in the questionnaire.

And, if multiple choice, the code of the answer option.

E.g.: (*+)A2(3)  means that the A2 question in the questionnaire was mandatory and conditionally shown, and that this column contains the responses regarding answer option 3.

After this code, the question as on the original questionnaire is shown and, when multiple option answer, the corresponding option is shown between [] after the question. E.g.: "In a typical day, which category of software/apps do you use on your digital devices most often? (More than one allowed) [Games]", where Games was one of the optional answers.

The questionnaire was available in three languages: Portuguese, German and English. 

Responses in German and Portuguese were translated to English. These translations are shown in a subsequent column, beside the column with the original responses, and are identified by the word "TRANSLATION" in the title. Responses which were already in English were not translated.




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