Optogenetic response of mouse and macaque retinal ganglion cells

Data presented in "Towards optogenetic vision restoration with high resolution"
BioRxiv https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/470773v1, to appear in PLOS Computational Biology.
Please cite this paper if the data have been useful for you.

Data contains multi-electrode array recordings of optogenetic response of retinal ganglion cells subject to checkerboard visual stimulation.
Mouse: blind rd1 mice (4-5 weeks old) with an AAV2  encoding ReaChR-mCitrine under a pan-neuronal hSyn promoter via intravitreal injections. 
Macaque: retinal ganglion cells have been targeted with an AAV2 encoding a human codon optimized CatCh under a strong, RGC-specific promoter. Retinas were harvested three months after injection of the virus in the adult macaque retina.