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Raw diffraction images of plant vacuolar iron transporter VIT1 (phasing data by Hg-SIR)

posted on 12.02.2019, 00:00 by Kato, Takafumi, Nakane, Takanori, Yamashita, Keitaro, Hirata, Kunio, Nishizawa, Tomohiro, Nureki, Osamu

Diffraction images of full-length VIT1 for Hg-SIR phasing. All data were collected from loop-harvested crystals on BL32XU, SPring-8 at a wavelength of 1 Å using the EIGER X 9M detector.

For Hg-bound VIT1, six helical (71-210°/crystal) datasets were collected. From native (without Hg) crystals, 24 helical (20-90°/crystal) datasets were automatically collected. The crystals belonged to space group C2221 with unit cell parameter a~47, b~290, c~46 Å.

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