A Facial Motion Capture System Based on Neural Network Classifier Using RGB-D Data-Figure 5. Examples of the circular LBP (Huang et al., 2011)

2018-05-01T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Fateme Zare Mehrjardi Mehdi Rezaeian

One limitation of the basic LBP operator is that its small 3x3 neighborhood cannot capture dominant features with large scale structures. To deal with the texture at different scales the operator was later generalized to use neighborhoods of different sizes. A local neighborhood is defined as a set of sampling points evenly spaced on a circle which is centered at the pixel to be labeled. The sampling points that do not fall within the pixels are interpolated using bilinear interpolation, thus allowing for any radius and any number of sampling points in the neighborhood. Figure 5 shows some examples of the extended LBP operator where the notation (P, R) denotes a neighborhood of P sampling points on a circle of radius of R.