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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Smart Cities-Figure 1. Smart people, smart ICTs and smart cities

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posted on 01.05.2018 by Ana Iolanda Vodă, Laura-Diana Radu

According to other authors “water, sewer, transportation, electricity, telecommunications, housing, healthcare, education — all of these functions—will have to be built from the ground up” (Glasmeier & Christopherson, 2015). This search is facilitated by the evolution of ICTs in general and of AI in particular. AI offers possibilities to replace the human being in complex and dangerous activities. But, smart cities start from smart human capital (Shapiro, 2006; Holland, 2008), because only smart people can create smart ICTs equipped with AI (Figure 1). These people and technologies will solve, by creativity and cooperation, problems associated with urban agglomerations, pollution, the depletion of some natural resources etc.