FIGURE 1 in Species boundaries among barred river frogs, Mixophyes (Anura: Myobatrachidae) in north­eastern Australia, with descriptions of two new species

FIGURE 1. Map showing locality records for Mixophyes in northern Queensland. Inset shows position of study area within the Australian continent. Alphanumeric codes refer to locations used in the molecular analyses, details, and sample sizes are given in Appendix 1. Gray stippling indicates land above 300 m.: group I (M. carbinensis sp. nov.),: sympatric group I (M. carbinensis sp. nov.) and group II (M. coggeri sp. nov.), ˖: group II (M. coggeri sp. nov.),: sympatric group II (M. coggeri sp. nov.) and group III (M. schevilli),: group III (M. schevilli).