FIGURE 2 in First records of the subfamily Ortheziolinae (Hemiptera: Ortheziidae) in Japan, with descriptions of two new species

2007-12-31T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Tanaka, Hirotaka Amano, Hiroshi
FIGURE 2. Adult female of Ortheziola maeharai Tanaka & Amano n. sp. (holotype). ANT, antenna; CS, clavate seta on legs; LG, leg (claw + part of tarsus); MP, multilocular pore; P, 8 locular disc pore associated with anal ring; QP, quadrilocular pores; VS, ventral seta; WP, part of wax plate 5. Scale lines: 200 Μm (for ANT), 100 µm (for LG), 25 µm (for WP), and 10 µm (for others).