FIGURE 2 in New species of Pygolabis Wilson, 2003 (Isopoda, Tainisopidae, Crustacea) from Western Australia

2006-12-31T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Keable, Stephen J. Wilson, George D. F.
FIGURE 2. Selected morphological features used in the key and in the descriptions. A – B, pleotelson lateral inflection points of posterior margin indicated by single arrows: A, closer to uropod insertions that to apex; B, midway between uropod insertions and apex. C, distal tip of the pleotelson showing indentation. D – E, uropods showing comparative lengths of exopod and endopod, and position of small tooth­like setae (curved line marked with “ ts ”): D, endopod length exceeding 1.5 exopod length, with more than 15 small tooth­like setae; E, endopod length less than 1.5 exopod length, with less than 15 small tooth­like setae. F – G, male pleopod 2 appendix masculina distal cup size (see also Fig. 4): F, distal cup narrow, width subequal or narrower than proximal groove width; G, distal cup broad, width greater than proximal groove width. Images (not to same scale) from Pygolabis eberhardi sp. nov. (A, D), P. weeliwolli sp. nov. (B, C, E, F) and P. gascoyne sp. nov. (G)