FIGURE 5. a in An illustrated annotated check-list of the species of Catasticta (s. l.) Butler (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) of Venezuela

2007-12-31T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Bollino, Maurizio Costa, Mauro
FIGURE 5. a: Catasticta notha notha male (dorsal): Colombia, Boyacá, Virolin, 2500 m, 10. XI. 1991, in JLBC; b: Catasticta notha notha male (ventral): same data as a; c: Catasticta notha notha female (dorsal): Colombia, Cundinamarca, Laguna Pacho Palo, 2200 m, 25. VIII. 1996, in JLBC; d: Catasticta hebra potamea male (dorsal): Venezuela, Estado Aragua, Choroní, 1200 m, I- 76, in MIZA; e: Catasticta hebra potamea male (ventral): same data as d; f: Catasticta hebra potamea female (dorsal): Venezuela, Estado Aragua, Rancho Grande, 1100 m, VIII- 89, in MIZA; g: Catasticta hebra crowleyi male (dorsal): Venezuela, Estado Mérida, Mérida, 1500 m, 14 - X- 1988, in MCCV; h: Catasticta hebra crowleyi male (ventral): same data as g; i: Catasticta hebra crowleyi female (dorsal): Venezuela, Estado Merida, Merida, 1500 m, 14 - X- 1988, in MCCV; j: Catasticta hebra apollinari male (dorsal): Venezuela, Estado Táchira, La Revancha, 2000 m, 30 - XII- 2001, in MCCV; k: Catasticta hebra apollinari male (ventral): same data as j; l: Catasticta hebra apollinari female (dorsal): Venezuela, Estado Táchira, Vía Delicias, 1900 m, 19 - I- 1993, in MCCV