FIGURE 6. Bornella hermanni Angas, 1864. A in Systematics and preliminary phylogeny of Bornellidae (Mollusca: Nudibranchia: Dendronotina) based on morphological characters with description of four new species

FIGURE 6. Bornella hermanni Angas, 1864. A, Original painting of Bornella hermanni showing detail lost in Angas, 1864: Plate 6. B, Original picture of Bornella japonica from Baba, 1949. C – F, Living animals. C – D, Specimens from Japan, Okinawa, Photos: R. F. Bolland (CASIZ 174980, CASIZ 174986). E, Indian Ocean, Christmas Is., Photo: C. Tong (AM C. 127467). F, New South Wales, Photo: W. B. Rudman (AM C. 112212).