FIGURE 8. I in Dactylogyrids (Platyhelminthes: Monogenea) from the gills of the African carp, Labeo coubie Rüppell (Cyprinidae), from Senegal, with descriptions of three new species of Dactylogyrus and the redescription of Dactylogyrus cyclocirrus Paperna, 1973

FIGURE 8. I. Dactylogyrus sp. from Labeo victorianus originally described by Paperna (1973) as D. cyclocirrus (one of the specimens on the slide RMCA M. T. 35.700). A. anchor; B. ventral bar; C. dorsal bar; D. hooks; E. copulatory organ. II. Dactylogyrus cyclocirrus Paperna, 1973 from Labeo cylindricus (lectotype circled on the slide RMCA M. T. 35.699). A. anchor; B. dorsal bar; C. hooks; D. copulatory organ. Needles not observed.