Fig. 15 in Designation of a new family group name, Tonzidae fam. nov., for the genus Tonza (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutoidea), based on immature stages of Tonza citrorrhoa

Fig. 15. Biology of Bedellia somnulentella Zeller, 1847, Bedelliidae Stainton, 1849, and its hostplants. A–B, D–L. Ipomoea sp. C. Calystegia sp. A–C. Leaves and mines. D. Blotch mines by later larva. E. Blotch mines and frass on abaxial side of leaf. F. Young larva and later larva. G. Later larva. H. Later larva forming new mine. I. Pupa, dorsal view. J. Lateral view. K. Pupa at the joint of some cross silken threads. Abbreviations: fr = frass.