Fig. 15 in Integrative taxonomy of five astome ciliates (Ciliophora, Astomatia) isolated from earthworms in Central Europe

2020-01-07T10:13:14Z (GMT) by Obert, Tomáš Vďačný, Peter
Fig. 15. Small subunit rRNA gene phylogenetic trees showing systematic positions of astome ciliates isolated from lumbricid earthworms. Posterior probabilities were mapped onto the 50%-majority rule Bayesian consensus tree (upper panel) and bootstrap values onto the 50%-majority rule neighbor-joining tree (lower panel). Sequences in bold face were obtained during this study. Note that there is a conflict between the Bayesian and the neighbor-joining tree in the position of specimens of Metaradiophrya Jankowski, 2007. However, according to tree topology tests, the branching pattern of the Bayesian tree is not significantly better than that of the neighbor-joining tree. The scale bar denotes fraction of substitutions.