Fig. 17 in Designation of a new family group name, Tonzidae fam. nov., for the genus Tonza (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutoidea), based on immature stages of Tonza citrorrhoa

Fig. 17. SEMs of pupa of Bedellia somnulentella Zeller, 1847 (OPU-IN-LE2018IV0038–0039). A. Head, ventral view. B. Lateral view. C. Dorsal view. D. Frontal process, ventral view. E. Same, lateral view. F. Face, ventral view. G. Seta and spiracle of abdomen, lateral view. H. Spiracle. I. A7, dorsal view. J. A7–A10, dorsal view. K. Same, lateral view. L. Dorsal view. M. Setae of A10, ventral view. N. Same, lateral view. O. Dorsal view.