Fig. 2. A in Community Structure and Undescribed Species Diversity in Non-Pollinating Fig Wasps Associated with the Strangler Fig Ficus petiolaris

Fig. 2. A habitus drawing of an Idarnes wasp. The drawing represents a wasp from the LO1 species associated with host Ficus petiolaris. Illustrated are the 12 morphological characters measured for analysis.The characters are as follows: 1) presence of antennal setulae, 2) number of antennal segments, 3) scape length, 4) scape color (amber vs dark), 5) head width, 6) inter-antennal distance, 7) facial width, 8) collar length, 9) stigmal vein length, 10) femur color (amber vs dark), 11) body length, and 12) ovipositor length.