Fig. 5 in Enlarging the monotypic Monocarpieae (Annonaceae, Malmeoideae): recognition of a second genus from Vietnam informed by morphology and molecular phylogenetics

Fig. 5. – Reproductive organs of Leoheo domatiophorus Chaowasku, D.T. Ngo & H.T. Le: A. Flower with petals and stamens removed; B. Flower with petals, stamens, and carpels removed, back view, showing outer side of sepals; C. Same as (B), but on another side, showing a volcano-shaped torus and inner side of sepals; D. Inner side of an outer petal; E. Outer side of an outer petal; F. Inner side of an inner petal; G. Outer side of an inner petal; H. Stamen, abaxial side; I. Stamen, adaxial side; J. Carpels, showing enlarged and irregularly lobed stigmas; K. Fruit, showing longitudinal ridges on monocarp surface; L. Seed, lateral view, showing a raphe; M. Seed, lateral view, showing a pitteand slightly rugose surface; N. Cross section of a seed, showing spiniform endosperm ruminations. [A–J: HUAF collectors 2009-03-19-ND, CMUB; K: Chaowasku 131, CMUB; L–N: Chaowasku 165, CMUB] [Drawing: A. Damthongdee]