Fig. 7 in Integrative taxonomy of five astome ciliates (Ciliophora, Astomatia) isolated from earthworms in Central Europe

2020-01-07T10:13:14Z (GMT) by Obert, Tomáš Vďačný, Peter
Fig. 7. Metaradiophrya varians (de Puytorac, 1954), Slovak specimens in vivo. A, D. Ventral view of representative specimens, showing the typical body shape, localization of the fibrillar hook, the long rodlike macronucleus and two staggered rows of contractile vacuoles (arrowheads). B. Detail of the anterior body portion, showing the fibrillar hook and its associated fibers. There are 5 or 6 fibers attached to the upper right side of the longer arm, on average 26 (22–29) fibers to the ventral side of the longer arm and 11 or 12 fibers to the left side of the shorter arm. Arrowheads mark the subapical suture extending from the right body margin over the fibrillar hook towards the left body margin. C. Dorsal view, showing the somatic kineties. The ciliary rows are narrowly arranged and are composed of very densely spaced basal bodies (left inset). E. Ventral view, showing a late divider. Scale bars: A, C–E = 50 µm; B = 20 µm.