Fig. 9 in Integrative taxonomy of five astome ciliates (Ciliophora, Astomatia) isolated from earthworms in Central Europe

2020-01-07T10:13:09Z (GMT) by Obert, Tomáš Vďačný, Peter
Fig. 9. Anoplophrya lumbrici (Schrank, 1803), Slovak specimens in vivo. A, D. Optical sections, showing the general body organization. The body is elliptical with both ends rounded. The macronucleus is rodlike and extends through the cell's midline. The micronucleus is situated conspicuously far away from the macronucleus, namely, near the middle of the left body margin and always opposite to the row of contractile vacuoles (arrowheads). B. Ventral view, showing the somatic ciliary pattern. Arrowheads denote the contractile vacuoles which originate by fusion of three to five vesicules. C. In dying cells, the macronucleus diminishes in size leaving behind a conspicuous hyaline envelope. The macronucleus sometimes also fragments within the envelope in postmortem cells. E. Frontal view, showing the apical suture. Scale bars: A–B, D = 50 µm; C, E = 20 µm.