BRAIN. Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience-How MOOCS Support Collaborative and Conflict management in Schools

Information technology plays a great role to provide the importance of sharing, exchanging
knowledge for the development of people and institutions. In this respect, it is crucial to underline
the significance of information technology in personal and institutional development. As
information technology fosters the context of collaboration, schools have started to revamp their
management practices due to these impacts. Especially, MOOCs plays a great role to improve
cultural sharing, social presence as creating the manner of educational policy. In this respect, this
research study evaluates the collaborative management of primary schools and their capacity in the
use of information technology and MOOCs. This research study revealed that information
technology fosters to use communication, interactions and exchanging knowledge in order to set
mission and vision of the schools but they need to be improved through MOOCs to foster
development and implementation in MOOCs.