Effect the Usage of Axle and Second Ship Helper on Fish Capture of Purse Seine Fishermen in Banyuwangi District

2016-09-04T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Mimit Primyastanto

This research was done in Banyuwangi District, East Java Province. The purposes are: (1) analyzing the business with axle tool and second ship helper, (2) analyzing the factors affecting the fish capture of purse seine fishermen. This research uses descriptive method.  Data is collected by interviews, questionnaires and documentation. The analysis method used is business profits analysis and dummy regression analysis with equation CR= β01 SD +β2 CN +β3 FD + β4 FE + β5 EP + β6 SF + β7 GT + β8 D + eu. This research is qualitative and quantitative descriptive. Study results are follows: (1) Business to use ship with axle tool can makes money of 184.090.909,00, R/C ratio of 1.58, profit of Rp.66.899.712,00. BEP sales of Rp.21.953.703.00 and BEP units of 4,390 kg. Profitability is 58.49%. Effort analysis for ship by second ship helper  can makes money of Rp.306.590.909,00, R/C ratio of 1.60, profit of 115,671,596.00. BEP sales of Rp.28.739.225,00 and BEP unit of 5,747 kg. Profitability is 60.22%. (2) Factors that significantly effect on fishermen catch are the crew number (CN), fishing duration (FD), fishing experience (FE), engine power (EP), sail frequency (SF), and Gross tonnage (GT) of ship, while sailing distance does not affect significantly on fish catch.