Wspólnota jutra. O "polityce dojmującej bliskości"

2018-03-20T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Ireneusz Gielata

The article is an attempt to answer the question regarding the possible establishment
of the future community – the community of people who live “next to
one another” instead of “against one another”. Seeking the opportunities to establish
“a different mode of human integration”, the author, quoting the phrase from
Shakespeare’s The Tempest (“flesh and blood”, Act V, scene 4), suggests the possibility
of basing the future community on the experience of closeness. This sense
of closeness arises from the experience of corporeal fragility which forces us to
perceive the other person not as an enemy, but as a friend (C. Schmitt), as someone
made of “flesh and blood”. The analyses of prose by Jerzy Pilch and Jacek Dehnel
show that this kind of closeness is most fully revealed in the experience of illness.