kwb.datetime (v0.4.0): R Package with Functions for Date Time Handling

2020-01-07T12:05:32Z (GMT) by Sonnenberg, Hauke

Functions for date/time objects, e.g. functions to convert timestamps between different time zones.



  • New vignettes: "Converting Text to Time Objects", "Use Case: Importing Timestamps"
  • New functions: getEqualStepRanges(), getTimestampSummary(), textToEuropeBerlinPosix()
  • hasTimeFormat(): add argument "method"
  • iso_to_localtime(): rename to isoToLocaltime()
  • matchingTimeFormat(): add arguments "method", "warn", "failureValue"; allow to pass a vector of timestamps
  • utc_offset_Berlin_time(): rename to utcOffsetBerlinTime()