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An introduction to the use of Extended Petri Nets to represent Hydrological Dynamical Systems

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posted on 14.10.2020 by Riccardo Rigon, Marialaura Bancheri

The video tries to be a quiet introduction to the Extended Petri Nets (EPN), a graphical representations designed to describe Earth Science and Environmental models that results is systems of ordinary differential equations. The video uses an example to exemplify the mechanics of EPN and constitute ancillary material for a paper submitted to Hydrological Processes (https://osf.io/fpx7y/). The main reference for the EPN is: Bancheri,M., Serafin,F. and Rigon, R (2019), "The representation of hydrological dynamical systems using the extended petri nets." Water Resources Research, 8(01), 159–27. In our opinion, EPN improve models representation and help to understand the feedbacks among the various processes.