Translating advances in Arctic climate science to climate services across the Northern Hemisphere

Poster presented at the 5-9 June 2017, 3rd European Climate Change Adaptation Conference, Glasgow (UK)

Why Climate Services?
Weather and climate prediction in the Arctic and northern regions is inherently challenging and year-on-year and decadal variability makes it difficult to detect reliable signals of change. Changes in Arctic climate and weather patterns also influence Northern Hemisphere weather and climate, and potentially other climate systems worldwide.
In an increasingly globalized world, decision-makers from all sectors need to
access improved climate and weather information across regional boundaries to address forthcoming social and economic challenges posed by a changing

Why Blue-Action?

The Blue-Action project aims to deliver improved modelling, prediction, and
forecasting of Arctic climate change and its impact on Northern Hemisphere
climate, weather, and extreme weather events, in line with stakeholder needs.
Activities across the academic, business, policy, and public communities are often disconnected, or follow a linear, 'scientist-tells-end-user' pathway, limiting opportunities for true co-creation of outcomes and real innovation. With this in mind, Blue-Action brings together trans-disciplinary teams covering the entire pathway from earth observation and modelling to businesses and local communities to focus on developing new effective, and scalable services based on cutting-edge climate science. Enabling better co-creation of climate services is central to Blue-
Action's approach.