A KiDS view of the Fornax dSph

2018-07-02T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Dall'Ora, Massimo

Large scale surveys are facing the problem of the photometric homogeneity along wide fields of view. In this proposed contribution, I will take advantage of the released KiDS photometry of the Fornax dSph, to perform an accurate comparison with the homogeneous and deep wide-field photometries released by De Boer et al. (2012) and by Stetson et al. (2018), based on conventional mosaicing of several instruments/telescopes. All the relevant evolutionary features of Fornax dSph will be discussed, along with the identifications of the RR Lyrae variables based on the KiDS single-epoch observations, on the basis of the Fiorentino et al. (2017) catalogue.