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Building infrastructure for a developing nation

posted on 27.11.2019, 04:56 by Watson, Michelle Ann
This paper will showcase and explore PNG Voices from the War, a site that is of particular significance for the people of Papua New Guinea because it provides a platform in which stories about WW2 can be told from a PNG perspective. The paper will provide an overview of the collaborative efforts of the researchers, advisors, design and technical staff who worked together across two countries to create the site. It will touch on a range key successful outcomes of the project including the use of Omeka as a platform for an important cultural collection and the implementation and deployment of LibraryBox, an open source, portable digital file distribution tool. The combination of Omeka and Library Box ensures that as many Papua New Guinean people as possible have access to the interviews, photographs, and transcripts featured in the site, regardless of internet connectivity and geographical location. The paper will provide details of the burgeoning partnership between Deakin University and the National Museum and Art Gallery to work together to build sustainable administrative and technical infrastructure and ensure the ongoing preservation, description, and discovery of cultural artefacts.