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Going deep with Roman: the z>9 UV luminosity function

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posted on 13.01.2021, 06:58 by Bagley, Micaela

While the z > 9 universe is still a vast unknown, tremendous progress has been made with ultra-deep surveys such as the Hubble Ultra Deep Field and the Hubble Frontier Fields. However, current studies that are deep enough to probe the faint end of the high-redshift luminosity function are limited in size to a handful of square arcminutes each. These areas are too small to probe the large-scale structure and clustering properties of early galaxies and may therefore be susceptible to strong cosmic variance effects. With a field of view of ~1000 square arcminutes, the Roman Space Telescope offers an incredible opportunity to pursue imaging at the depth of the HUDF but over an area ~100 times larger. I will present a simulated Roman deep field observation spanning multiple WFI imaging filters, highlighting measurements of the z>9 rest-UV luminosity function that benefit from probing such a large area at significant depth.