Kinematics of low-mass galaxies at 0.6

2020-01-12T14:57:14Z (GMT) by Girard, Marianne
The KMOS/VLT Lensing Survey (KLENS) and the KMOS/VLT Lens-Amplified Spectroscopic Survey (KLASS) are exploiting gravitational lensing to study kinematics of star-forming galaxies (SFGs) at 0.62), where we observe higher velocity dispersions for low masses (log(M$_\star$/M$_\odot$) $\sim$ 9.6) and lower velocity dispersions for high masses (log(M$_\star$/M$_\odot$) $\sim$ 10.9) than expected. Does it suggest that galaxies at high redshift do not satisfy the stability criterion  (with the Toomre Q parameter different from 1)? Or that the adopted parametrisation of the sSFR and molecular properties fails at high redshift?