Positioning a repository as campus research infrastructure

2019-11-18T12:18:59Z (GMT) by Morrell, Thomas

This work was presented at the open repositories conference in Bozeman, Montana on June 5, 2018. Researchers want to build innovative tools and web resources that showcase their work. However, the variability of researcher created web sites and data storage systems makes it very difficult for institutions to preserve and maintain these important data resources. Institutional repositories have the potential to serve as infrastructure to support custom applications. This requires the repository to be API-enabled and for the institution to have staff to educate researchers on how the repository can power their applications. Utilizing a repository enables data to be managed and preserved in a standard way, without having to manage different custom services. Persistent urls play a key role in preserving and accessing content and enable researchers to see the impact of their data. Utilizing a repository can also enable consistent data licensing and provides credit to the researchers involved in the project. CaltechDATA, an Invenio 3 data repository, demonstrates how a repository can function as campus research infrastructure. CaltechDATA has been used to host a custom data service that was previously hosted at a different institution, supports software archiving, and powers a map interface for theses. By building a researcher-focused repository, we have supported both basic research data storage and custom applications.