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Probing Feedback and Quasar/galaxy Evolution with Extremely Red Quasars

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posted on 13.01.2021, 06:57 by Lau, Marie Wingyee

Dust obscured quasars are believed to be in a young stage of quasar/galaxy evolution, when quasar feedback could be more important for driving blowouts and disrupting star formation in their host galaxies. Our team discovered a remarkably population of luminous extremely red quasars (ERQs), at redshifts z ~ 2-3 in the BOSS and WISE data. ERQs are defined by extremely red colors across rest UV to mid-IR, but they also have a suite of other extreme spectral properties that may all be related to exceptionally powerful quasar driven outflows. I will present results on the properties of their powerful but compact outflows traced by [OIII]5007, their extended but kinematically quiet circumgalactic halos traced by Lya emission, and the implications for feedback. While these studies of ERQs provide insights into quasar/galaxy evolution, a broader understanding of AGNs in galaxy evolution require new studies at lower luminosities and more extreme obscurations. I will discuss our ongoing and planned future studies to discover and characterize optically fainter and even redder AGNs using existing and future photometric survey data, including near IR photometry from Roman.