The impact of integrated parameters in the MaNGA local mass-metallicity relation

2018-05-25T16:21:05Z (GMT) by Barrera-Ballesteros, Jorge K.

We present the surface mass density - gas metallicity ($\Sigma_*$-Z) relation for more than 500,000 spatially-resolved star-forming regions from a sample of 617 disk galaxies included in the MaNGA survey. We find a tight relation between these local properties with higher metallicities as the surface density increases, resembling a scaled-down version of the relation found previously for their integrated counterparts. This relation expands over three orders of magnitude in the surface mass and a factor of 8 in metallicity. Our large sample allows us to study the impact of global properties in this local relation. In particular, we find that for most disk galaxies the $\Sigma_*$-Z relation does not depend on the total stellar mass. Even more, for a large fraction of our sample ($\log(\mathrm{M}_*/M_{\odot})$ > 9.2) the observed metallicity gradients   are  well  reproduced  by the mass density gradients and the $\Sigma_*$-Z relation. We also find that this relation does not change significantly within the range of redshifts span by our sample. Our results suggest as the predominant scenario for metal enrichment as gas been recycled locally at shorter timescales in comparison to other global processes such as gas accretion or outflows.




CC BY 4.0