Warping protoplanetary discs by planets on inclined orbits

2018-11-15T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Nealon, Rebecca
Current observations from ALMA have identified unique features in protoplanetary discs around young stars, including warps in the disc (e.g. TW Hya, HD 100453 and HD 135344B) and strongly misaligned inner discs (e.g. HD 100546 and AA Tau). For these systems in particular, observations rule out the influence of a secondary star suggesting that as yet unseen planets may be the cause. A planet that is capable of driving these features in the disc would be required to maintain an orbit that is inclined to the disc plane on long timescales, in contradiction with analytical expectations and current planet formation theory. Our initial investigation focuses on the evolution of a planet on an inclined orbit using three-dimensional numerical simulations. We will present these preliminary results and consider the significance of the disc structures found using synthetic observations.