EIDORS version 3.9.1

2018-06-02T04:48:31Z (GMT) by Andy

This is EIDORS v3.9.1, released on 1 June 2018.  The eidors-v3.9.1.zip file contains all code and documentation to
run EIDORS on all platforms.  EIDORS requires Matlab (>8.5, R2015a) or GNU Octave (>4.2).

Unless otherwise specified inside the respective files, EIDORS functions are licensed under the GNU GPL, either version 2 or version 3 (at your choice). You can find a copy of the license at: www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html.

Additionally, you can download the model_library.zip file, which contains precalculated additional finite element models for use with EIDORS.  The model_library.zip file is not necessary, EIDORS will recalculate these
models if they are not available.

To use the EIDORS software, follow these steps:

- Download the software eidors-v3.9.1.zip
- Unzip the software in a directory such as  /path/to/eidors or C:/path/to/eidors
- Start Matlab / GNU Octave
- type: >>run /path/to/eidors/startup.m
    (windows >>run C:/path/to/eidors/startup.m)
- Try the Tutorials, or execute one of the sample programs in the    /path/to/eidors/examples directory (such as compare_2d_algs(1))

For new features and other changes with this release, see the CHANGES file in the eidors directory.

For other information on EIDORS, see www.eidors.org

For questions and comments on EIDORS, you can join the eidors3d-help mailing list.