Experimental Instructions for Analyzing the Usability of Model-Based Interaction Systems

2017-02-03T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Halbrügge, Marc

Model-based interaction systems are capable of adapting their user interfaces to different physical devices and interaction paradigms (e.g., smart phone, desktop PC, tablet). While the model-based approach reduces the effort of developing and maintaining many different adapted user interfaces of a single application, the usability of these adapted interfaces is hard to maintain. The research project "Automatische Usability-Evaluierung modellbasierter Interaktionssysteme für Ambient Assisted Living" (http://www.tu-berlin.de/?135088) aims to solve this problem by creating an automatable usability evaluation tool for model-based interaction systems. 

As part of the project, several empirical studies were conducted. Following the good practice of open materials, all instructions used during the empirical studies are published here.




CC BY 4.0