MoFEM (Mesh Oriented Finite Element Method) it is C++ library supporting the solution of finite elements problems. Is developed to o provide free and open, inclusive, participation community finite element code for engineers, students and academics.

MoFEM is a finite element analysis code tailored for the solution of multi-physics problems with arbitrary levels of approximation, different levels of mesh refinement and optimised for high-performance computing. It is designed to be able to manage complexities related to a heterogeneous order of approximations for L2,H1,H-div and H-curl spaces.

MoFEM is the blend of the Boost MultiIndex containers, MOAB (Mesh Oriented Database)  and PETSc (Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation). MoFEM is developed in C++ and it is open-source software under the GNU Lesser General Public License (see Legal stuff) Stuff).


MoFEM can read and write a number of mesh file formats using functionality provided by MoAB. The current version of MoFEM has full support for CUBIT/TRELIS, TetGEN, Salome/Code_Aster (MED format) for pre-processing and ParaView for post-processing.