Modeling of fractional-order integrators and differentiators using Tustin-based approximations and model order reduction techniques (Matlab code)

Low-order approximators of fractional-order derivative and integrator

This archive contains the Matlab scripts to calculate low-order approximator of fractional-order derivative and integrator. The approximator are obtained using the Frequency Weighted (FW) reduction method applied to a high order Tustin-Muir based model.

This is the code developed for the paper:
Rydel M., Stanisławski R., Gałek M., Latawiec K. J.: Modeling of Fractional-Order Integrators and Differentiators Using Tustin-Based Approximations and Model Order Reduction Techniques, 8th Conference on Non-integer Order Calculus and Its Applications, 20-21.09 2016 Zakopane, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering vol. 407, Theory and Applications of Non-integer Order Systems., 2017, Springer pp. 277-286.