Tools for qPLEX-RIME data analysis

2018-04-30T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Kishore, Kamal Eldridge, Matthew

This repository contains an R package qPLEXanalyzer used for quantitative proteomics data analysis generated from qPLEX-RIME method. In addition, it also contains an accompanying data package qPLEXdata.

qPLEXanalyzer: An R package for statistical analysis of qPLEX-RIME proteomics data. It can also be used for isobaric labelling based proteome analysis. The major functionalities includes import of quantitative proteomics datasets, visualizing quality control statistics, data normalization and differential statistics analysis.

qPLEXdata: A data package outlining the steps for the statistical analysis of the datasets generated from the application of the qPLEX-RIME approach and total proteome analysis in breast cancer cells and clinical tumour material (PDX and human breast cancer tumours). In addition, it also contains statistical analysis of total proteome data in breast cancer cells.