Using bootstrap resampling to test differences in forb/shrub counts from a grassland under cattle grazing

2020-01-19T17:59:05Z (GMT) by Dong, Xuejun

This True Basic program tests differences in forb/shrub counts from a mixed-grass
 prairie using bootstrap resampling. This is part of the supplementary documents for
 the article by X. Dong, F.-C. Cheng, D. Wang, G. Wang, B. D. Patton and
 P. E. Nyren, published in 2013 in Grass and Forage Science, Volume 68: 199-204.

Description of files:

BOTANIC.TRU --- list of program file

Botanic_Counts.xls --- Original field data

Forb.txt --- stacked data of forb counts

FORB_OUT.txt --- 2000 resampled differences of forb densities from heavily and moderately grazed pastures.