WiFi Data Collection Script

Script for sampling WiFi data from nearby wireless networks.

The script WiFiSamplingScript records WiFi data from nearby wireless networks. 

This script employs the Aiport Utility in OSX (10.10.1)


Instructions for WiFiSamplingScript.bin rather than .exe

1. Create in your computer a new directory (e.g. WiFiData), make sure the name of the file and its path contains no spaces. (e.g. /Users/Myrna/Desktop/WiFiData)

2. Copy WiFiSamplingScript.bin into the directory 

3. In a terminal change directory with command cd to the directory just created. (e.g. cd /Users/Myrna/Desktop/WiFiData). Once on the directory where the script is located execute the following in the terminal for change the script permissions, chmod +x WiFiSamplingScript.bin

4. Execute in the terminal the script with ./WiFiSamplingScript.bin

5. It will ask immediately to enter the location name. (This version of the script does not support spaces in the name. Enter a location with no spaces or use a underscore instead.) It will wait for 10 seconds, if no name is entered, it will be named ‘Unknown’ by default. 

6. The script is set to do four requests. (This is configurable by modifying the variable ‘numRequest’ within the script).

7. After every request, will be a waiting time of 5 seconds. (The waiting time is also configurable by modifying the variable ‘waitInSeconds’ )

8. Once the requests have completed, the script will display “[- Done -]”  and the number of observation that were recorded.

9. Also displayed is the path and directory created, which contains the WiFi observations recorded.

10. Repeat from step 4. for each location to be sampled.